fim sidecar motocross world championship




All international Media and press can use the form below.

Download the media application form

National media, Journalists and photographers who are from the country where the event is organized, have to contact the local organizer and use the form provided by the local organizer.

A press accreditation for the event may be granted to a persons who:
• working for an motorsport magazine.
• working for a nationally operating motorsport-oriented website.
• working for a national newspaper/broadcaster.
• working for a regional newspaper/broadcaster.
• photographers working in a media-oriented manner.
A written confirmation from the client must be submitted upon request.

Press access is not intended for:
• persons who only work on behalf of teams.
• people who only take photos for their own use or their own (sales) website.
• persons who do not have a media provider.

To be accredited as media to the FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship please contact Mr. Rien Willems, WSC Press Officer, at Applications must be received by no later than 2 weeks before the event. Confirmation will be send within 1 week for the event. Each media will be allowed to request a maximum of 2 media credentials.

Filming is not free of rights. Any Media who is planning to film action, bikes, making video interviews must clear the rights with WSC 2 weeks before the event. Please note that at the end of each Sidecar Motocross Grand Prix day, a newsfeed of each day will be available that will be FREE for distribution. For more information, please contact Mr. Rien Willems, WSC Press Officer, at

 Download the media application form