WSC 2020 succumbs to Coronavirus, but it's all systems go for 2021


In the face of insurmountable obstacles and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the FIM and WSC, the promoters of the 2020 FIM Sidecar Motocross World Championship regret to announce the cancellation of the 2020 season.

Despite all our very best efforts, and the extraordinary lengths to which the FIM, the Federations and organisers have gone to in trying for a solution to run a meaningful World Championship, we have all run out of options.
A proper World Championship worthy of the title, needs to be a minimum of seven Grands Prix. With the best will in the world, given the unpredictable situation across Europe, it would be impossible to deliver that commitment.
It remains unclear as to when all countries will be in a position to lift restrictions enough for a degree of uniformity, and that makes for an insecure environment for crews, organisers and indeed anyone connected with the events.
Our amazing sport depends on spectator support track-side, both for the atmosphere, and revenue stream. Without a guaranteed number of spectators through the gates, the risks for organisers in financial terms are high, and therefore it is unfair to ask them to put their necks on the line in these uncertain times.
From a rider perspective, with the differing rules in place from country to country, there is also an unfair training and practice situation, so certain teams will be more prepared than others.
Rather than give false hope, and paint a picture which will be impossible to deliver, we at WSC believe that it is far better to conserve budgets and efforts whilst looking ahead to what is bound to be a magnificent 2021.
The appetite has never been stronger, the spectators are hungry for action, and the teams are all fired up to go racing.
2020 promised so much, and that is all still in place, so let's all channel that fire into making 2021 the best season ever.