Uncertain times yes – but WSC is ready and waiting


There can be no denying that what the world is going through with the Coronavirus pandemic right now, is something none of us has ever lived through before. Parts of Europe have seen disruption in recent decades, but nothing on this scale has been experienced by the vast majority of us.

The unprecedented changes and restrictions being imposed on us are hard to take, but we all understand the reasons why. We all watch daily media coverage of the developments as they unfold from country to country, so we can be in no doubt as to how serious this has become..
We have hitherto lived our lives in our own bubble of protected and precious existence whatever form that might take, and for those of us in this thrilling world of sidecar motocross racing, it is a very special bubble.
We have seen the unimaginable happen globally in the sporting world with Premier League and all International league football matches cancelled or postponed indefinitely. The mighty Formula One, MotoGP, MXGP, the Isle of Man TT and World Superbike, along with all other major sporting events where large crowds gather, have all been put on the back burner until goodness knows when.
This season still promises so much, our newly agreed deal with the FIM is firmly in place and the calender all finalised. The governing body of all world motorcycle sport legislates on all matters two or three wheels, and theirs is not an easy task. Over the next few weeks and months, in conjunction with the various promoting bodies, they will have to reschedule the 2020 world of motorcycle sport. The FIM has tough calls to make over the next few weeks, and we in the WSC camp are an important cog in that huge wheel. 

I am, and always have been, a purveyor of joy and hope - ever the optimist, and I would like to say to you right now that if you sit tight for a couple of weeks, it will be business as usual. But the bottom line is that we simply do not know when this will end, so we must stay ready, remain positive and aim for the golden moment when the wheels turn again, and the outfits fly in anger.
We're all dressed up, raring to go, and the party has yet to start – but make no mistake start it will. We have a World Championship to fight for, and it is still shaping up to be a stellar season, with so many changes in teams and machinery. This is a temporary hitch, and there is so much to look forward to. The anticipation will only get stronger, and when we return to action - what fantastic action that will be.
Stay strong everyone, stay positive and keep out of trouble, but above all, follow the common sense of your particular Government guidelines. Once this mess is behind us, and it will be, we will all be together on the start gate with restrictions lifted.
Meanwhile, keep polishing and dreaming.
The WSC team wishes you all the very best through this difficult time.


Martin Bena