Sidecarcross of Nations 2018 – Entry list of all sidecarcross teams


It is only a week before the final of this year's season, and here is the traditional Sidecarcross and Quadcross of Nations 2018, which takes place in Slagelse, Denmark. In the sidecarcross, 13 national teams will compete for the trophy of world champions.

Who is one of the biggest favorites? Which team is participating after a long break? Who will be the black horse of the race? A lot of questions and some of them already know the answers. So let's summarize the national team entry lists.

 1. The Netherlands

The Dutch will be presenting the title of the Cingoli in Italy last year, and it is likely that this year's representation will be among the biggest favorites. After all, the three crews of the Dutch team finished this year's World Championship in the the top four in the WSC standings. This team is favorite number one, that is for sure.

Team Netherlands

Koen Hermans - Nicolas Musset

Etienne Bax - Kaspars Stupelis

Daniel Willemsen - Robbie Bax


2. Belgium

Among the great favorites of this year's Sidecarcross of Nations will undoubtedly be the Belgians. It is they who should be the toughest rival for the title defenders, the Dutch team. And why? Because their number one is the world champion Marvin Vanluchene. This will be complemented by other front-runners of this year's World Championship season, Arne Dierckens and Davy Sanders.

Team Belgium

Marvin Vanluchene - Ben Van Den Bogaart

Arne Dierckens - Luc Rostingt

Davy Sanders - Andres Haller

 3. France

The biggest favorites of victory are probably not, but they can definitely surprise. This is how we can characterize the team from the country of the Gallic cock, France. The leader of this team will be of course Valentin Giraud, alongside Johnny Badaire. And his performance at the end of the World Championship season was very promising. Bastien Thomas, whose passanger will be Siebe Van Der Putten, can also be very quick.

Team France

Valentin Giraud - Johnny Badaire

Bastien Thomas - Siebe Van Der Putten

Willy Bouquet - Geoffroy Le Large


4. Great Britain

The British are also among the strong players on the world's sidecarcross scene. Also, three UK crews have great experience in the world championship and all three crews regularly run the most prestigious sidecarcross WSC championship.

Team Great Britain

Jake Brown - Zac Snell

Brett Wilkinson - Daniel Chamberlain

George King - Joe Millard

 5. Czech republic

 The plans of the Czech team to defend the position in the top five have a crack because the elite passanger Ondřej Čermák was injured in the last Grand Prix of the season, and so the brother crew, which besides Ondrej is still Tomáš Čermák, unfortunately does not help his team in Denmark. So the Czech trio is made up of young and less experienced crews and it is a question of how far this team can reach.

Team Czech republic

Jan Boukal - Pavel Boukal

Petr Kolenčík - Matěj Hejhal

Pavel Hroch - Martin Hroch

 6. Switzerland

 Even this time, the Swiss will not miss the start, and Christophe Cuche will be the leader of this team, with the experienced Martin Betschart, who is a regular at the World Championship. And the name Betschart plays a really significant role in this team because it is represented three times. Although the Swiss are not among the favorites, they might surprise.


Team Switzerland

Christophe Cuche - Martin Betschart

Marco Heinzer - Ruedi Betschart

David Bolliger - Martin Betschart


7. Italy

Last year, Cingoli was surprised by a very above average performance, the talk is about the Italian national team. If it was given by the local enviroment and the knowledge of the local track, or the similar situation would be repeated again in Denmark, the team in which Zeno Compalati plays the key role will give us the answer within a few days.

Team Italy

Zeno Compalati - Lemuel Ravera

Ivo Lasagna - Ivan Lasagna

Hotmar Pozzi - Simon Walti


8. Ireland

A representative impression of Ireland was a good impression last year. And as we could see this year at the end of the World Championship season, Gary Moulds was very fast. This team leader will race with passanger Steve Kirwin.

Team Ireland

Geoffrey Ingram - David Ingram

Gary Molds - Steve Kirwin

Neil Campbell - Graig Parmenter


9. Denmark

 On the track in Slagelse this year will not miss the home team. The handicaps of the home crew will undoubtedly be the fact that none of the crews will participate in the World Championship. An advantage for the Danes could be knowledge of the domestic track.

Team Denmark

 John Nielsen - Andreas Zinkernagel

John Jensen - Kjeld Jensen

Niklas Petersen - Jan Petersen


10. Latvia

If someone can be called a black horse in a charged field of play then it is a representation of Latvia. This Baltic country has built a complete team after several years of pause, but when you look at this team's list, you will find that Latvia has a strong trio. After a long time we will see together the brothers pair Janis Daiders and Lauris Daiders, who should be the leaders of the Latvian team.

Team Latvia

 Janis Daiders - Lauris Daiders

Didzis Gorbenko - Tanel Koiv

Maris Rupeiks - Lauris Liepins


11. Austria

The sidecarcross of nations returns after a long 14 years, which is a really long time. We are talking about the Austrian team, who will surely pull the young and hopeful crew Benjamin Weiss and Patrick Schneider. They are regular participants of the world championship and have experience with sandy tracks. But if the Austrians want to succeed, they will need some help also from someone other than Weiss. This is the charm of the national team race.

Team Austria

Benjamin Weiss - Patrick Schneider

Anton Wanger - Marcus Richter

Franz Umgeher - Andreas Rottensteiner

12. Germany

It can be said that a balanced level of crews in Danish Slagelse will bring Germany's team. Its members have some experience from the world championship, but there is not much. But if the Germans perform equally, their overall result may be surprisingly good.

Team Germany

Sebastian Engelbrecht - John Karnatz

Adrian Peter - Patrick Leskow

Eddie Janecke - Gordon Bothur


13. Lithuania

At the start of this year's Sidecarcross of Nations, there will be also no representative selection of Lithuania. The advantage of this relatively unknown team of the sidecarcrossers is the fact that they will race on a soft sandy surface and they know quite familiarly from their country. However, none of the crews of the world championship regularly participate, which is a disadvantage for the team.

Team Lithuania

Romas Kisunas - Steponas Kriauciunas

Liutauras Variakojis - Dovidas Ausiejus

Tomas Baltusis - Tadas Natka


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