Race two is a cracker - Bax with the Red plate again


Bax/Musset won race 2 and take Red plate back! Willemsen/Bax are winners in Lommel.

Race Two –  Again the sun beamed down, with the track once more graded flat.

Willemsen took up his customary far left position and did it again, grabbing the holeshot from Veldman and Dierkens.

Bax/Musset were in fourth as Willemsen made the most of a flatter track and a clear view. He was able to keep it clean and stay out of trouble.

Bax eventually closed on Veldman and shot past in pursuit of the race leader.

It was always going to be about these two Dutchmen, and as the track dug out, so they rode harder.

Giraud/Mucenieks were again fighting up from a lowly centre grid position and watched their championship lead dissolve in the sand. After twenty minutes of racing they were still down in tenth place.

It is impossible to describe the skill needed to navigate through deep sandy ruts at the speed demonstrated by the leaders, but they were in their element and going for glory.

Bax was by now just four seconds behind Willemsen with his eyes firmly set on taking over the series lead, and he dug deep to close the gap.

With tail-enders ahead of the pair, it was a nail-biting finish with differing lines being taken by the two Dutch crews. Then suddenly, Bax took advantage of a backmarker and made his move to the front.

Another brilliant ride by Veldman/van den Bogaart and Dierkens/Rostingt saw them battle hard in third and fourth.Willemsen then seemed to get second wind and closed on Bax, but the former series leader had done enough to take the race victory and the title lead.

Daniel Willemsen took overall event victory with his runner-up spot and marches on to Germany.


From Barry Nutley