New LIVE TV deal sees WSC bigger and better for 2019


Following hard on the heels of the recent agreement with the FIM to become future promoters of the World Sidecar Cross Championship, Martin Bena and his APO Multicam organisation have negotiated to cover half the fourteen Grands Prix LIVE across the entire race weekend. These are guaranteed LIVE slots, and logistics are being ironed in the various countries as we go to press.

Over the closed season, contract negotiations resulted in vast new global distribution potential, through an exclusive agreement with Protocol Sports Marketing Ltd. They are a Toronto based Canadian media giant with a wide and diverse sports portfolio. The new deal will see WSC beamed into homes never before exposed to the thrilling world of Sidecar Cross.

To satisfy this demand, and to ensure the coverage is of the highest quality, APO Multicam has engaged the services of top facilities companies to operate in Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany and the Czech Republic.

They will provide a state of the art outside broadcast truck at seven of the fourteen rounds, each supporting up to fifteen cameras, with live expert on-site commentary.

There will also be live interviews and all the news as it unfolds from each Grand Prix weekend.

So with seven rounds enjoying guaranteed LIVE coverage, all fourteen race weekends weekends will also have an extended one-hour highlights show featuring all the action from qualifying and the two Grand Prix races. This highlights package will be produced even when there is live coverage, so you will not miss a thing.

This all represents a huge increase in visibility from last season, and is in response to appeals from our ever-growing audience for more air-time.

This uplift in exposure is the result of significant investment, and belief that in WSC we have a sport worthy of this level of commitment.

We also appreciate that there will be many viewers out there who do not have access to the live television coverage, so we also have a plan to address that.

In line with all other top motor-sport platforms, we will be offering fans and supporters of the sport a subscription option which will guarantee they miss absolutely nothing of the riveting fourteen round series on our website .

There is a very modest charge for a season pass to capture absolutely everything we have to offer, or a “round by round” plan enabling you to pay as you view.

Pay to view Tariff

Per round – LIVE or Re-Live on demand           7.90 Euros

Per round – TV Highlights show                          2.90 Euros

Season Pass – TV Highlights show only                       29.90 Euros

Season Pass – Fully inclusive/Full access        49.90 Euros

Sales will commence on Friday 5th April with one more surprise yet to come.

All options are extremely attractive, but whilst the weekend pass allows the live coverage and all topical news for individual events, the full subscription gives unlimited viewing of all live, re-live, past shows, and basically everything that moves or has moved in the current year.

A full season pass will unlock the incredible world of WSC for a mere 3.50 Euros per round (the cost of one beer) whenever you choose to take your fix on


From Barry Nutley