Koen Hermans and Valentin Giraud share qualifying spoils in half-way house Kivioli


The Kivioli Motopark was all dressed up for a fantastic round seven, bringing us to the half-way point of the season. This was to be the final time here at this fantastic facility, at least for the near future, with the organisers taking a year or two out after a continuous run of world championship events spanning more than twelve years. The weather was outstanding, and the spectators gave it their all, as did the thirty crews entered.

Pre-Qualifying – with its countless high and fearsome jumps, both up and downhill, this was not a track for the faint-hearted. The young and fearless might easily succeed here, and in group “A, Arne Dierckens and Robbie Bax showed their class by dropping below 1.55 for the first time. That would ensure them first pick of the gate for qualifying proper whatever happened behind them. Etienne Bax and Kaspars Stupelis ran them close, but were half a second adrift.

Group “B” proved to be a playing field for Valentin Giraud and Andres Haller, underlining their performance in free practice. Marvin Vanluchene and Ben van Den Bogaart caught and passed them on the time-sheets, but Giraud responded. So both would have a flying chance later in the day..

Qualifying Race “A” - hot and humid weather persisted, and extensive watering took place across the start area immediately before the off.

From the gate Stuart Brown and Josh Chamberlain took a flyer, edging out the Cuche cousins at turn one.

The left hand outfit looked to be suiting the Kivioli track with its immense jumps, and Stuart Brown's bravery and commitment was impressive.

Koen Hermans and Nicolas Musset were quickly on their case, and on lap two went ahead. Un-phased, Brown forced on, and became embroiled in a battle with Arne Dierckens and Robbie Bax, eventually succumbing. Etienne Bax and Kaspars Stupelis fought hard from a poor start to fourth, and eventually made their way up to second.

That left an ongoing scrap between Brown and Dierckens, with Brown reclaiming the place or a couple of laps, only to lose out again just before the flag.

Hermans and Musset were clear, with Justin Keuben/Dion Rietman in fifth ahead of a raging battle for the lower places.

Race Result –  1/ Hermans/Musset, 2/ Bax/Stupelis, 3/ Dierckens/Bax,

4/ Brown/Chamberlain, 5/ Keuben/Rietman, 6/ Gordejev/Kivasta, 7/ Compalati/Chopin,

9/ Janecke/Bothur, 10/ Kolencik/Hejhal


Qualifying Race “B” - It was a staggeringly fast gate by Valentin Giraud and Andres Haller. The flew into the hole-shot and never looked back, opening a fifteen second lead by half-distance.

The Estonian crew of Rodniov/Lina held second for a considerable time before Davy Sanders/Lari Kunnas wound them in and fought past to claim the place.

Marvin Vanluchene and Ben Van Den Bogaart had a dreadful start, coming from ninth place on lap one. He would have his work cut out, but undeterred, he and Ben Van Den Bogaart set about the task.

At the front, Giraud was untroubled, and Sanders/Kunnas held a strong second, with Kert Varik and Lauris Daiders now nipping at the heels of the Russian/Estonian Rodniov. He and his young passenger Maurice Lina were impressive and hung on to the place for as long as they were able.

Once Varik went by, they fell victim to a charging Vanluchene, who almost caught Davy Sanders at the flag,.

However, Giraud and Haller were supreme in front, and must surely think they have a good chance in the two grand Prix races tomorrow.


Race Result – 1/ Giraud/Haller, 2/ Sanders/Kunnas, 3/ Vanluchene/Van Den Bogaart,

4/ Varik/Diaders, 5/ Van Werven/Beunk, 6/ Rodbiov/Lina, 7/ Santermans/Beleckas,

8/ Nomak/Kasesalu, 9/ Kinge/Gray, 10/ Boukal/Boukal


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From Barry Nutley