Happy birthday Mr. Zabel!


On the 10th March 2018 in Reetz (Germany) was a big sidecarcross party! Friedrich Zabel had special anniversary - 70 years. This person is essential part of world sidecarcross for more then 40 years. Starting as a rider, but at least 30 years building the best sidecarcross engines.

Engine Zabel has won the championship already for 13x between years 1990 – 2017. Actual engine model is two-stroke, water cooled single cylinder engine with 700 ccm capacity. Equipped with 4 gear transmission. The power of this engine is around 90 HP, which makes this piece one of the strongest motocross engines ever.

Mr. Zabel is still very active person, full of enthusiasm and solid health to keep him inside the world class engine tuning and production. During the times has been manufactured around 10.000 engines under Zabel brand.

Birthday celebration was a big party with all-time stars of world sidecarcross as Daniel Willemsen, together with a old-new crew of world champions Etienne Bax and Kaspars Stupelis and many fans and members of world sidecarcross community, WSC crew including.

So, once more Mr. Zabel – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!