Germany and Switzerland GP’s fall victim to Covid rules


It is with great regret and disappointment that WSC must announce the cancellation of two of the most prestigious 2021 GP’s due to the uncertainty of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The opening race planned for the 1st August in Strassbessenbach Germany, along with the popular Swiss event in Roggenburg on 29th August have become victims of the constantly changing legislation between countries.
Both sets of organisers cite the uncertainty in the rules, regulations, and testing procedures required before any public event can take place. As we have said before, the sport of Sidecar Motocross is dependent on crowd attendance, and that is by no means guaranteed at this stage. They are therefore abandoning all plans to run GP’s this year but are very keen to be involved again when the situation stabilises.
The Championship now consists of five rounds with the updated schedule attached.

Lange-Estonia                14/15 August

Jinin-Czech rep.             21/22 August

Oss-Netherlands            18/19 September

Rudersberg-Germany    25/26 September

Kramolin-Czech rep.       9/10 October