FIM declares WSC promoter of FIM World Sidecar MotoCross Championship


Following two arduous seasons in which Martin Bena's Prague based company APO Multicam provided global TV and internet coverage for this thrilling sidecar motocross championship, he has been rewarded with the opportunity to become the first ever promoter of the entire series.

In 2018 APO Multicam gained the TV rights for the championship, following two decades  producing thousands of shows and live broadcasts to the motorsport sector globally.

In a five-year deal announced by Jorge Viegas FIM President this week, Martin Bena will continue the existing format and arrangements with existing TV contracts through 2019, whilst exploring and developing new potential with the various organisers and TV companies in the countries where the sport is currently run.

There is also a huge opportunity to take this spectacle of motorsport into new markets, and that is also something which Martin will be looking at very closely.

Mr Viegas said on making the announcement: “ The FIM is proud to have for the first time ever a promoter for this exciting discipline. We, the FIM, have enjoyed good collaboration with Martin Bena since 2017. We are fully committed in all ways possible to gain the best success for this exciting new project”.

 For his part, Martin Bena was equally upbeat and enthusiastic: “ I want to thank the FIM for their faith and assistance over the past two years of hard work. It is fitting we have now reached this significant milestone in our relationship with this five year agreement. I have always wanted to become the promoter since I was twenty years old, and now here we are. I would also like to make it clear that this is the end result of an International team effort by a group of loyal people who all have the same goal, and that is to gain the exposure and awareness for this amazing sport it deserves. I am happy to have such a great team on WSC board and I am greatfull for their passion and enthusiasmus for Sidecarcross"

Over the coming weeks, months and throughout the 2019 season, we will be working with organisers, commercial partners, TV and media groups to build relationships and make sure we are in good shape for 2020 when the ball is firmly in our hands”.

Sidecar Motocross may be a niche sport, but once witnessed, there is no denying the thrill factor and the sheers tenacity of the crews. The spectacle of two people on three wheels at speed over rough ground, defying gravity as they go, makes for compelling viewing, and an excitement level rivalling any other motorsport.

In the years ahead, the opportunity is now there for a much wider audience to share in those thrills and spills.