Etienne Bax tests Lari Kunnas in Italy!


This weekend sees the annual sidecar cross team event, the Sidecarcross of Nations taking place in Cingoli, Italy. With the end of the 2017 world championship season just last weekend in Holland, and the new champion crowned, thoughts are already on 2018.

World Champion Etienne Bax has sensationally announced the departure of his French passenger Nicolas Musset, and will trial the Finnish passenger Lari Kunnas in the Italian team race.

Musset and Bax have performed brilliantly together, winning thirteen of the twenty-eight championship races, and winning the championship was the icing on the cake for the Frenchman. Bax is full of praise for Musset and his contribution to the title victory.

However. the huge amount of travelling, and time away from home have been difficult for Musset, and domestic commitments dictate that for 2018, another full campaign will be impossible.

Top class passengers are an elite bunch, and Etienne Bax will need to find someone who can ride at his pace, think along the same lines, but most of all, having the staying power to race at full speed right across a Grand Prix weekend.

Lari Kunnas will be very excited about the opportunity to prove to Bax and himself, that he is the man for the job. This weekend in Italy, he gets his chance. We wish them both well.