Coronavirus impacts on WSC 2020 calendar


The world is seeing an unprecedented set of measures design to mitigate the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. All sporting events are affected in some way over the next two months, and WSC is one of those disciplines, along with several other motorcycle championship series.

The FIM has been working tirelessly round the clock with organisers and promoters, to reschedule those events which were originally planned within the critical time-frame of the development and maturing of the disease.
The result as far as the FIM Sidecar motocross World Championship goes, is that the early part of the season has been revamped with complete understanding and cooperation of all parties.
The opening round in Oss Netherlands, originally scheduled for 18/19 April will now be postponed to 13/14thJune. The Oss organisers are a very experienced and stable group, and this move makes complete and utter sense to them.
However, the new date in June placed the Oss event just one week ahead of the original date allocated to the Lommel organiser. These are both typically sandy tracks, and are just 70 kilometres apart. There was obvious concern by the organiser and promoter that the Lommel event might well suffer in terms of spectator numbers and Oss organizer as well.
As a result, the totally mutual consensus between the Belgian Federation, the Lommel organiser, the WSC promoters and the FIM was that the Lommel event should therefore be cancelled to protect the situation.
However disappointing this might be, it was clearly not fair or sensible to ask an organiser to put his neck on the line without some reasonable expectation of a viable financial outcome.
The Czech round in Kramolin moves back from early May to June 20/21st, which was the original Lommel date.
France is also affected, with the postponement of the French MXGP round now moved to what was the WSC date in Iffendic. For the same reason, it is not sensible to have two GP's on the same weekend, so Iffendic, now round 4, moves to 4/5th July. 
As we have said, the chaos in all forms of sport is unprecedented, and we are witnessing an unknown scenario unfolding. The science is being followed diligently, and we can only hope that this pandemic will run its course sooner rather than later.
WSC expresses its sincere apologies for these late changes, but in the light of the global awareness of this situation, we are certain our fans and friends understand the reasons behind them.
So, if the situation does not develop further, and the trends follow the map laid out by the medical scientists, our season will now kick off in  Bucha in the Ukraine 16/17th May.

GP1    17 May               Bucha             Ukraine

GP2    14 June              Oss                 Netherlands

GP3     21 June             Kramolin        Czech republic

GP4     5 July                Iffendic          France

GP5     12 July              Lange              Estonia

GP6     23 August          Gooik               Belgium

GP7     30 August          Roggenburg    Switzerland

GP8     6 September      Orehova Vas   Slovenia  

GP9    13 September     Jinin               Czech republic

GP10  20 September     Rudersberg     Germany

SQMXON  3-4 October   Varsseveld     Netherlands