fim sidecar motocross world championship



A few hours ago, the European and New Continent countries that will participate in the Trophy of Nations next October 7 and 8 in Cingoli (MC) at the Tittoni cross park were officially announced.

As many as seventeen nations will take to the track for the four-wheelers. Italy is ready to battle with two teams respectively composed of: Patrick Turrini, Simone Mastronardi and Nicolò Roagna, while the B team will feature Lorenzo Taricco, Gianmarco Monaci and Majcol Porracin. From the new continent there will be the long-awaited return to Cingoli of Joel Hetrix, Bryce Ford and Chad Wienen, while Joel Guerra, Lucio Mercogliano and Jose' Guerra will race for Argentina. The spotlight will, of course, be on Ireland and its three drivers Mark McLernon, Dean Dillon and David Cowan who have achieved important results in recent years, even climbing the top step of the podium. The French line-up will consist of Sylvan Petit, Lylian Leger and Rodolphe Schneider while the Dutch are fielding Joe Maessen, Ricardo Phoelich and Rick Haverdil. The list of attending nations that will line up behind the gate still remains very long with Estonia (aiming for the top step of the podium this year), Belgium, Norway, England, Latvia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, and Lithuania.

As for the Sidecars entered, representing Holland is Etienne Bax and his passenger Ondrej Cermark, Justin Keuben/Aivar Van Der Wiel and Koen Hermans/Ben Van Den Bogaart. For Great Britain the line-up will comprise - Dan Foden/Ryan Humphrey, Jake Brown/Josh Chamberlain and Brett Wilkinson/Joe Millard. Another team to watch will be the Estonians Robert Lihtsa/Markus Lina, Tanel Reesna/Sten Nitsoo and Markus Normak/Oliver Lamp. Italy will again perform with double teams with with the A team consisting of brothers Ivo and Ivan Lasagna, Hotmar Pozzi/Marco Ceresa and the Fiorini brothers Filippo and Federico, while the B team will see Luca Bernardini/Michele Pasqui, Lorenzo Baldini/Stefano Tibaldi and Leonardo Regoli/Francesco Liviani. Both Italian teams will give their best, aiming to be present on the podium on Sunday despite being aware of the very high level of foreign competitors. Other teams on the 3-wheel grid will include Belgium, Latvia, France, Switzerland, the CzechRepublic, Ireland and Lithuania.

As early as Thursday, October 5, the gates of the Tittoni will open to host the first Nations competition while on Friday all preliminary operations will be carried out. On Saturday there will be qualifying and Sunday will feature the races for the Sidecarcross and QuadCross of Nations 2023 title.


Press Office: Attila Pasi

PH: Enzo Danesi