fim sidecar motocross world championship

Travel disruption cannot stop WSC – the show goes on in Lange


You could not write the script for this one. It’s Saturday morning here in Estonia and the line-up is finally taking shape.

Flight disruptions and exorbitant last-minute fares have killed plans for some of the crews, and they have been forced to withdraw.

Jake Brown’s passenger and bike were here, but he was not. Unable to get a flight at anything like sensible money, he had no other option but to stay at home. Paul Horton then returned to the UK, along with Dan Phelps, passenger to George Kinge. A communication breakdown meant this British crew would not be riding together in Estonia.

Julian Veldman had truck issues and arrived in the middle of Friday night. Robbie Bax took a circuitous route around Europe to get here, but he made it in time for the weekend’s action.

Daniel Willemsen’s young French passenger Rodolphe Lebreton was in the company of Nicolas Musset as both Frenchmen tried to get flights from goodness knows where. At the time of going to press we have twenty-two teams entered and mostly present, with a few loose ends still to be tied off.

It’s ironic that a prestigious and professionally organised GP such as we have here should be victim to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

All this against the backdrop of a full-blown press conference where the organisers, series promoter Martin Bena, the top two sidecar crews and Quad Champion Kevin Saar faced questions from the floor.

We’re here, we’re ready to rock , so bring it on and let the best team win.


From Barry Nutley