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Friday Build-up Loket


Friday Build-up Loket


We’ve been here since late Wednesday, and it’s been fascinating seeing the frantic activity by the organising club to get their famous track ready for the teams’ arrival.

Against a backdrop of many successful MXGP races here, they have every reason to be upbeat and happy. Hoards of family, friends, volunteers and general helpers having been thundering around on quads, in old army vehicles, a variety of tractors and earthmoving equipment making the last-minute changes and tweaks to what is already a mightily impressive circuit.

If enthusiasm is the key to success, then there will be no shortage of either here ahead of the GP. From early Friday the teams began to roll in and park up alongside the privileged VIP camping areas. These eager spectators had purchased their front rows seats to be close to their idols, and witness the teams go through their pre-event routines.

At the time of writing, the sun is beating down on a very busy paddock scene.

The silence is broken by the intermittent sound of engines revving to the limiter for the obligatory noise test, and technical examination.

We have work to do, with interviews and promotional items already lined up by way of keeping the momentum into the next rounds.

We’ll be talking to Etienne Bax, Lari Kunnas, quad superstar Kevin Saar and the Belgian suppliers of Zabel engines and VMC chassis.

So, lots to go at, and all the time the tension is building wherever we look.

Not least of all for the teams, because apart from Daniel Willemsen, Stuart Brown and Kaspars Stupelis, none of them have ever been here before.


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